If you are searching for high end millionaire homes you may want to consider using a property search agents specialising in the acquisition of millionaire homes for high net worth individuals.

If you are searching for millionaire homes it is highly likely that you have strict set of requirements that your home must meet. The best properties are usually hotly contested and you’ll want to be ahead of the competition. The last thing you want is to waste your time looking at properties that don’t meet your requirements.

Why Use a Buying Agent

As buying agents for millionaire homes we act only for serious buyers. This gives our clients many important advantages, including:

a) Specialist market knowledge of millionaire homes

We only deal in millionaire homes and properties. Most of our clients will be buying properties worth at least £2 million. This means we have an intimate knowledge of the premium UK property hotspots, with access to millionaire homes and properties not available on the general market.

b) Productive vendor relationships ensuring our clients early access to millionaire homes

We don't compete with estate agents – for them we are valued partners. They know our clients are committed buyers with assured budgets, so they regularly approach us before a property comes to market.

c) Market independence

There's no restriction on the agents, vendors and other contacts we can work with, giving you access to the largest possible universe of millionaire homes.

d) Constant networking

Vendors, agents, solicitors, architects and surveyors – we're in constant contact with them all, ensuring your millionaire home search is driven by up-to-the-minute market intelligence.

e) The best use of time

No more missed opportunities or wasted visits – just appointments to see high quality millionaire homes that match what you're looking for.

f) Personal service

At Elite Property Search, you get the one-to-one attention of the same partner, from initial briefing session right through to completion. So you can be sure we fully understand your requirements and preferences.