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Ready Steady...?

26th July, 2012
<p>With the Olympics officially starting on the 27<sup>th</sup> July 2012 I have been surprised at how little property industry news has been released relating to the Games. The most light hearted this week being that of a women in Leytonstone East London who is hiring out her shed along with Union Jack duvet for £40 per night, with the only relevant statistics released being of how the 14 postal districts closest to the main stadium have seen above average growth since the Games were announced in 2005 rising 33% in value compared to the national average of 24%.</p> Read more

Despite the rain London is still hot!

10th July, 2012
Elite Property Search Director Tim Sharp looks at the recent headlines about prime Central london property values. Read more

A city with well-deserved self esteem

01st February, 2012
Magdalen College’s tower dominates the High Street of Oxford, a treasured landmark within a historic City which draws hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.
However, it would appear that the City and its landmarks don’t hold an attraction for all... Read more

Open House Day's. What are the benefits?

17th January, 2012
On the back of their previous success Strutt and Parker have released the dates for their next National Open House Day, the last they claim led to £50 million pounds worth of offers being made. Read more

Cotswolds the UK's Beverley Hills

13th January, 2012
cots 4
It is reported that more celebrities live in the Cotswolds per acre than anywhere else in the country giving it the title the "Beverley Hills" of the UK. Read more

Planning passed...

11th January, 2012
The decision relating to Sharon Davies high profile dispute with Wiltshire Council Planning Department about the amendment to a planning application to increase the size of a neighbouring development to her new grade 2 listed million pound home was made this week... Read more

Whats the HS2???

10th January, 2012
With the news today by Transport Secretary Justine Greening MP that the proposed plan for the HS2 is to go ahead what exactly is the HS2?

Read more

High Speed 2 gets the go ahead

10th January, 2012
Today the Government signalled the go-ahead for the £32 billion HS2 high-speed rail project,.The decision will impact many, creating homeowner winners, but also creating homeowner losers. Read more

Recession Proof Property

29th October, 2010
Despite almost daily reports on the poor state of the property market, a new report in the Daily Telegraph shows that many areas populated by million pound houses continue to thrive even in tough economic conditions. Read more