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Backs to the Land - Buying Farmland, Driving Profit

01st November, 2011
Buying farmland raises a number of issues that do not apply when purchasing a residential property. Whether or not the farm is fully operational at the time of purchase makes little difference; the key factor to remember is that it is land intended to derive an income.
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Country home search becomes a waiting game for no-compromise buyers

31st October, 2011
The home search market has become increasingly polarised in recent months, as city-dwellers move more quickly... Read more

More and more home owners are opting to sell their properties privately. By employing the services of a property finder, you can be guaranteed to view the very best on the market

26th July, 2011
The housing market continues to experience many ups and downs (and many would argue more downs than ups at the moment).

If you are looking for a premier property, you are going to want to be sure that whoever is representing you in this search has your best interests at heart and is working exclusively for you.
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