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Euro - political impact

09th May, 2012
Elite Director Tim Sharp considers what impact the political changes in Europe could have on the UK prime property market?

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Recession - What the others say.

08th May, 2012
Elite Property Search Director Tim Sharp, reviews what has been said about the double dip recession and its potential impact on the country house market. Read more

Spring £m+ Country House Market 2012 to finally arrive???

05th April, 2012
After a slow market place in 2012 are things starting to pick up in the £m+ prime country house market place?... Read more

SDLT on £2m+ homes = 7%

22nd March, 2012
Tim Sharp gives a quick insight into what he thinks the effect of increase in Stamp Duty Land Tax to 7% on properties over £2m will have on the Country House Market. Read more