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Spring £m+ Country House Market 2012 to finally arrive???

05th April, 2012
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It has been a slow start to the UK Country House £m+ market place in 2012 with low stock levels and un-realistic pricing by vendors, hanging on as best they can to the belief that their property is still worth what it was during the peak of 2007.

For many buyers the purchase of their new home has been a frustrating experience, particularly as they are now more eager than ever. They have prepared themselves to be a preferred buyer, by appointing a buying agent such as Elite Property Search, got the necessary finance in place and many of those who needed to sell, already sold and currently living in rented accommodation.

In recent weeks with the warm spring weather and the lighter evenings returning, a feel good factor had returned and signs of momentum began in the market place, only for Easter to arrive and momentum to grind to a halt. More gloomy news it would appear…

…or not.

With Easter being early this year, it means that apart from a couple of Bank Holidays, from Tuesday 10th April we will have a pretty much uninterrupted market place until the end of July. That is four months of potential market activity, a sustained period which can only be good news.

Coupled with this is the amount of murmurs from estate agents that they have stock pending and due for release between mid- April and May and our discussions with owners of our privately available stock who are gearing up to be pro-active with their sale which includes a revision on the price they would accept. Things are definitely looking up, with the expectation for an active and interesting Spring/Summer.

If you are a seller, gain comfort that there are buyers out there. If you are a buyer, gain comfort that there are sellers out there it’s just that many don’t want to come to the open market in the current climate so instead they register their availability with agencies like Elite Property Search.

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