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SDLT on £2m+ homes = 7%

22nd March, 2012
Tim Sharp gives a quick insight into what he thinks the effect of increase in Stamp Duty Land Tax to 7% on properties over £2m will have on the Country House Market. Read more

Does one size fit all? ....UK property portals.

15th March, 2012
prop ports
Elite Property Search Director Tim Sharp looks at the rise in popularity of property portals and the different options that are available to estate agents and property sellers. Read more

Low Stock Impact

09th March, 2012
Elite million pound country house3
As country house owners delay bringing to market their million pound homes and property, Tim Sharp Director of Elite Property Search looks at what the impact of low stock levels within the Country House market are having. Read more

Is Mansion Tax the answer to a stagnant Country House market?

06th March, 2012
The Mansion Tax debate is again making headlines, with Vince Cable Business Secretary in an interview on Radio 4 today supporting the abolition of the 50p tax rate aimed at the taxation of the wealthy (those earning £150k plus) and replacing it with the introduction of a taxation on property (Mansion Tax), stating that taxing an asset such as property was an “economically sensible way of doing it”.

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