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Negate Post Exchange Nightmares.

25th November, 2011
The mail online recently ran a story on Sharron Davies the Olympic medal winning swimmer and TV presenter who recently purchased a Grade 2 listed property in Bradford-Upon-Avon Wiltshire for a reported £1.1m in the full knowledge that a care home was to be built within close proximity.
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Listed Property - A buyers Guide

17th November, 2011
Elite million pound country house2
Period properties offer a unique charm that is impossible to replicate in new-builds, and many of our home search clients are looking for a building that has housed families for generations before them. Read more

Can the lack of first time buyers really affect the prime property market?

09th November, 2011
housing market graph
The media remains full of stories of doom and gloom in the property market, with increasing numbers of first time buyers struggling to find enough money for a deposit and the price of rented property consequently ever spiralling. But what kind of impact does this have on the prime property market? Perhaps not as much as one might think. . . Read more

Backs to the Land - Buying Farmland, Driving Profit

01st November, 2011
Buying farmland raises a number of issues that do not apply when purchasing a residential property. Whether or not the farm is fully operational at the time of purchase makes little difference; the key factor to remember is that it is land intended to derive an income.
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