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Reductions a plenty in the prime property market… where does this leave the seller?

21st September, 2011
Country property in woodland setting2
It has been an unprecedented couple of weeks for buying agents. Since would-be buyers arrived back from their second homes abroad and the kids went back to school, the prime country house market seems to have gathered pace. This is most evident in the pages of Country Life which is packed with available properties for sale, in a volume that has not been seen for a good few years. Read more

One Of The UK's Most Expensive Houses On The Market – But Would You Want It? A Buyers Agent's View

09th September, 2011
large surrey country house
What is your dream home? If you are a music fan, the thought of listing Sir Elton John and Brian May among your neighbours might be rather tempting – but would you really want to own what has been billed as the most expensive home in the UK? One of the most important things a buyers agent such as Elite Property Search will do is find out exactly what you want from a home before helping you find properties to view. While the recent Euro millions jackpot winners could afford this house several times over, the question remains as to whether it would be right for them. . . Or indeed for anyone in the premier property market. Read more