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10 of the most expensive houses in the UK

18th September, 2008
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1/ 20 Grosvenor Square, London W1

Value: sold for £250 million; £1,509 per sq ft

Vital statistics: The former US Navy offices were sold by Cushman & Wakefield according to property database Lonres. The buyer of the 165,000 sq ft was Richard Caring, owner of the Ivy restaurant in London, who has just put in a bid for Prada. It is not yet clear whether it is going to be developed into flats or used as a private residence.

2/ Penthouse, One Hyde Park

Value: sold for £100 million; over £5,000 per sq ft

Vital statistics: The largest and highest of the penthouse suites at the Candy & Candy development has been bought with "funds linked to" Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr al-Thani, the foreign minister and first deputy prime minister of Qatar. Overlooking Hyde Park, it is the most expensive flat in London.

3/ 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens, London W8

Value: sold for £78 million

Vital statistics: Twelve-bedroom mansion bought in 2004 by Lakshmi Mittal, the steel tycoon, from motor racing supremo Bernie Ecclestone (who paid £50 million for it).

4/ Updown Court, Windlesham, Surrey

Value: on the market for in excess of £70 million

Vital statistics: On the market since 2005, Updown Court is still without a buyer. It has: 24 bedrooms, 22 en-suite bathrooms, five swimming pools, panic room, bowling alley, indoor squash court and 50-seat theatre, all-weather sports pitch, in all about 58 acres.

5/ Warter Priory Estate, North Yorkshire

Value: sold for £48m

Vital statistics: The 11,000-acre estate, previously owned by the Marquess of Normanby, was bought by the businessman Malcolm Healey in 1998. He had to beat off competition from Sir Mick Jagger and Sir Elton John.

6/ Park Place, Remenhan, near Henley-on-Thames

Value: sold for £42 million

Vital statistics: A decaying Grade II-listed country house set in 570 acres, the property was sold by Knight Frank in a secret deal. It was the highest figure ever paid in Britain for a house outside London.

7/ 15 Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W8

Value: sold for £42 million

Vital statistics: Billionaire Russian oil baron Leonard Blavatnik bought his mansion in 2004, outbidding Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea Football Club.

8/ 100 Park Lane, London

Value: sold for £37.4m

Vital statistics: The former headquarters of the Hammerson property company sold to the Emir of Qatar last year. The 200-year-old mansion has views directly over Hyde Park and has 17 bedrooms, 14 reception rooms, a double-height ballroom and an 81ft (25m) picture gallery. He plans to invest £10 million restoring it to its former glory as a family home.

9/ Culham Court, near Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

Value: £35 million

Vital Statistics: The ten-bed, Grade II*-listed property, which nestles in 650 acres of parkland, was sold by Knight Frank in August 2006. It was bought by one of Switzerland’s richest and most secretive financiers Urs Schwarzenbach, 57, who runs Interexchange.

10/ 31 Belgrave Square, London SW1

Value: sold for £33 million; £1620 per sq ft

Vital statistics: The 20,370 sq ft 10-bedroom property was sold in August 2005 by Savills, according to Lonres.

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