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Wimbledon is a suburb of London part of the London Borough of Merton and located 7 miles (11.3 km) south west of Charing Cross.

For most of the past one hundred years Wimbledon has been internationally known as the home of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

Wimbledon's attraction remains its combination of convenient access to central London with the benefit of plentiful recreational facilities. Strong demand for homes especially the larger properties in the Wimbledon Village and Wimbledon Park areas has seen prices increase to amongst the highest in the outer London area.

Wimbledon Village provides a good collection of bistros restaurants and pubs and during the fortnight of the tennis championship the streets are crowded with visitors enjoying the facilities.

Nearby places

Merton Park
Raynes Park
New Malden
Kingston upon Thames
South Wimbledon

Nearest railway stations

Wimbledon station.
Wimbledon Chase railway station.
Raynes Park railway station.

Nearest Underground stations

Wimbledon Park
South Wimbledon
Wimbledon is also on the Tramlink

Notable residents

Bob Astles - English-born former associate of Ugandan presidents Milton Obote and Idi Amin
Lord Baden-Powell - founder of the Scout movement; wrote parts of Scouting for Boys while staying at the windmill on Wimbledon Common
Michael Ballack - Chealsea FC footballer
Ben Barnes - actor in The Chronicles of Narnia:Prince Caspian
Joseph Bazalgette - civil engineer; his creation in the mid 19th century of the sewer network for central London eliminated the incidence of cholera epidemics
Alex Best - Ex-wife of footballer George Best
Adrian Borland - Musician singer and songwriter
Raymond Briggs - cartoonist
Josephine Butler - feminist campaigner of the Victorian era. Blue Plaque at 8 North View Wimbledon Common[5]
Charles Alexandre de Calonne - French statesman
George Edward Cates - World War I Victoria Cross recipient[6]
Duke & Duchess of Cannizaro[7]
Ernst Boris Chain - joint winner of the 1945 Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of penicillin. Blue Plaque at 9 North View Wimbledon Common[5]
Sarah Churchill Duchess of Marlborough close friend of Queen Anne
Vernon Corea - The BBC's Ethnic Minorities Adviser and broadcaster was a Lay Reader at Emmanuel Church in Wimbledon Village and lived in Sheep Walk Mews.
Steve Curtis - Eight-times World Offshore powerboat racing champion
Sandy Denny - singer born at the Nelson Hospital
Lawrence Doherty - Winner of thirteen Wimbledon tennis championships and two Olympic gold medals
Reginald Doherty - Winner of twelve Wimbledon tennis championships and three Olympic gold medals
Hugh Dowding - commander of RAF Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain in 1940. Blue Plaque at 3 St Mary's Road[8]
Henry Dundas Viscount Melville - Home Secretary and Secretary of State for War to William Pitt the Younger resident of Cannizaro House[7]
Mark Edgley Smith - composer
Flora Gare - sculptor
John William Godward - painter
Charles Patrick Graves - journalist
Robert Graves - poet
Victoria Hamilton - actress
George Hamilton-Gordon 4th Earl of Aberdeen - prime minister 1852-55; resident of Cannizaro House[7]
Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia - guest at a house in Parkside while in exile from Ethiopia owing to the Italian invasion; his statue stands in Cannizaro Park[9]
Mikel John Obi - Chelsea FC defensive midfielder B. 1987
Georgette Heyer - novelist was born and grew up in Wimbledon. She wrote her first five novels there. A later novel 'Pastel' is set in a suburb very like Wimbledon.
Leslie Hore-Belisha 1st Baron Hore-Belisha - while Minister of Transport 1934-7 he introduced the driving test and the Belisha Beacon; then Secretary of State for War 1937-40
John Horne Tooke - politician; imprisoned for a year for signing an advertisement seeking subscriptions for the relief of the relatives of the Americans "murdered by the king's troops at Lexington and Concord". Lived at Chester House on Wimbledon Common.
Thomas Hughes - author of Tom Brown's Schooldays which was written in Wimbledon
James Hunt - 1976 Formula 1 World Champion
Vinnie Jones - former footballer and film actor
Don Lang - Britain's answer to Bill Haley; with his band a mainstay of Britain's first television rock and roll programme Six-Five Special
Glen Little - footballer
Frederick Marryat author lived at Wimbledon House
Sir Joseph Norman Lockyer - English scientist and astronomer; joint discoverer of helium
John Lyde-Brown director of the Bank of England; resident of Cannizaro House;[7] his collection of classical sculpture was acquired by Catherine II of Russia in 1787 and is held by the Hermitage Museum
Thomas Ralph Merton - physicist
Lord Horatio Nelson - Admiral. Nelson's estate Merton Place included part of Wimbledon at the eastern end of the Broadway [10] though strictly he was a resident of Merton the neighbouring parish.
Michelle Paver - Author of Chronicles of Ancient Darkness
Alan Pardew - football manager
Charles Pepys 1st Earl of Cottenham - Lord Chancellor
Steve Punt - comedian
Oliver Reed - actor
Laura Robson - Junior Wimbledon Tennis champion
Margaret Rutherford - actress. Blue Plaque at 4 Berkeley Place[11]
Arthur Schopenhauer - Philosopher Blue Plaque at Eagle House where he lived in 1803[12]
Jay Sean - UK R&B Singer
Jack Stanley - Actor
Jamie T - singer/songwriter and musician
Joseph Toynbee - Surgeon. Blue Plaque at 49 Wimbledon Parkside[13]
Arnold Toynbee - Economic Historian. Blue Plaque at 49 Wimbledon Parkside[13]
Steve-O - Jackass performer
Ralph Tubbs - architect; his buildings include the Dome of Discovery and Charing Cross Hospital
Slick Rick - (Richard Walters) A veteran hip-hop artist born in Wimbledon and moved to The Bronx also known as MC Ricky D and The Ruler.
Charles Watson-Wentworth 2nd Marquess of Rockingham - twice Prime Minister
William Wilberforce - 19th century anti-slavery campaigner
Andrew Curzon - Great-Nephew of Lord George Nathaniel Curzon Viceroy of India in the early 20th Century. Framed for fraud in 2006 and since has become local 'IT man'; the London Law graduate is renowned for his study of martial arts creation of the 'Mary' cocktail and periodic nude modelling for a number of reputable agencies across London. He was fired for refusing a shoot with Adriana Lima in November 2008.