Take a look at the following comments to find out what our past clients have said about us.

Looking forward to working with you again! And achieving success again!

Kim - September 2015 - repeat client - Dorest Property Search

“Thank you. You have been an absolute stalwart and we have valued your professional advice, integrity and support more that you can ever imagine. I want also to say that we have valued your sense of humour and friendship. We have only the highest recommendation for your service which we will trumpet to others when the occasion arises.”   

SM - August 2015 - Hampshire Property Search

Elite took the time to understand exactly the property we required on many dimensions; not just price and bedrooms but also the feel of the property and the likely value that could be added bu sensible renovation.  Andrew would drive to places at the drop of the hat to view quickly to save us time as well as to ensure we stole the march on other potential buyers. Furthermore we got valuable advice on the bidding process to ensure we secured our house without overpaying - indeed, we saved more than Elite's fee by following his suggestions.  Thanks Elite!

Mark H - 2014 - Hampshire Property Search


 Thank you.  You guys have been sensational: I'm so grateful and hugely impressed.

Please thank Joe too. 

DB – October 2013 - East Sussex Property Search

To be honest, even though Elite claimed to deliver unrivalled access to privately available properties we had never expected the success they achieved.  John and I had been looking ourselves for quite a while and knew that there were very few properties on the market that matched our requirements. Elite unearthed a surprising 47 off-market properties in our search area in a very short time. We have now purchased one of these properties, a beautiful Georgian village house, in a private deal with the owner, who is now a good friend. I cannot recommend Elite too highly - they really do deliver what they promise.

Rebecca –2012 – Buckinghamshire Property Search

Elite sourced our country home in the heart of the Cotswolds.  We were surprised at the huge number properties unearthed by Elite that could've worked for us.  We finally purchased our dream home having been the first to view it within hours of it coming to the market.  This was only possible as a result of Elite's tenacity, pre-market information and due dilligence.

Russell - 2012 - Cotswolds Property Search

Your patience and persistence throughout has eased the pain of moving considerably and we are both grateful to you for the care and thoughtful way in which you have responded to our various comments, questons and queries over recent weeks. Having, until now, always been rather sceptical of the value of the Buying Agent, I am now a convert and just wish that the Selling Agent paid as much attention to the interest of the vendor as you have shown to us.

Yours sincerely,   Sir & Lady J  - April 2011 – Dorset Property Search

I would recommend Elite without hesitation.  Elite worked tirelessly on our behalf over an extended period due to a break in our search as a result of a new addition to our family. We were introduced to numerous off-market opportunities and finally purchased a 3,000sq ft apartment right in the heart of our search and couldn't be happier.

Russell - 2011 - Kensington Property Search

Thank you Tim, for all your hard work over the last year.  We got the right house in the end and, I'm sure you'll agree, it's the best by a long shot. A  beautiful family home.  All the best.

Nick - 2011 - Wiltshire and Somerset Property Search

 Andrew was invaluable throughout - calm, good-natured, experienced, collaborative.  He worked very hard, retaining his enthusiasm and drive even when, after five months, the first purchase fell through.  


A job very well done - thank you.

James  - December 2010 – London EC1 Property Search

Using Elite to find our home was one of the best decisions we made.  Having found our home, they navigated us through a tricky process from start to finish with valuable knowledge, expertise, support and advice.  We are very grateful for all their hard work.

Keep well

Caroline - November 2010 - Dorset Property Search

“With much appreciation to you for giving us such excellent service.”   

“I first met Andrew when he approached me to see if I would sell my house in Wargrave to one of Elite’s clients.  Impressed by their pro-active approach, I subsequently asked Elite to search in Henley on my behalf”. 

“Elite delivered on their promise to source properties that were privately available and not on the open market and were the first to present my eventual purchase. Andrew remained right on top of each stage up to completion."

Lord R - 2009 - Oxfordshire Property Seach

“Once again, we can't thank you enough for securing us this house. The more time we spend here (not much for me currently as I am away every other week) the more we grow in love with the place, and the more people enquire as to how we aquired it. Don't worry, your company is getting a very good representation and I am sure you will start to get some enquiries through us.”

Mr Mckenna - 2009 - Dorset Property Search

Firstly, I would like to record that I have found your service far more effective than that I received from X (another leading buying agent)  and we were very pleased that you managed to introduce a purchaser for our Devon house before we went to the market.

Your team have come up with several interesting opportunities and continue to offer many more off-market deals than X ever did.” 

Mr D   - August 2009

For the record, I really would like to thank you for the time you have put in on our behalf - we think you have provided a terrific service and we have both been absolutely amazed at the amount of privately available properties you have unearthed.

Many thanks,

Mr & Mrs Pritchard  - April 2010 - Oxfordshire Waterside Property Search

Andrew Findley and Elite helped us to find our beautiful Thameside home this year.

They did extremely well with quite a wide unspecific brief to find a certain sort of property rather than looking in a specific area.

Elite did a fair amount of research tracking down properties and viewing them before taking us to see them so that our time was not wasted.  I don't think that we saw a single house that did not have possibilities for us.  Having house hunted in the past, we know the feeling of walking in the door and knowing that it was a waste of time.

Andrew also went to look at things we heard about, again, so that  we did not have to waste time.

During the negotiation and purchase process, Andrew was extremely helpful and hands on recommending and liaising with planning consultants, tree consultants, architects and solicitors.  A very full and complete service that is absolutely necessary for busy people.

They worked very hard for us and were tireless.  It was not a quick process for us to find the house we wanted but they stayed focused and professional throughout.

Mr & Mrs S - November 2010 - Oxfordshire Property Search

Dear Andrew,

This is a much over due note to say thank you from both of us for all the work you did helping us find our place in the country.
It was the process you patiently guided us through that made us understand what we didn’t want from our next home as much as what we did.
From Henley to Hampshire and all the properties in between you helped us hone our idea of what really mattered to us as a family, of how and where we wanted to live (in a proper village with a decent garden) and what wasn’t important (100 acres in the middle of nowhere and stabling for 20 horses!). When it came to xx your early alert over the airport issue prompted us to dig deeper than I think other viewers may have. As a result of the info we feel greatly reassured that by the time we move in not only will the plumbing work but we’ll be able to hear each other across the kitchen table.
Thanks for your patience, flexibility and good humour throughout – I hope we can welcome you to the house for lunch to see the end result of your efforts? Keep a space in your diary during Sep 2012!

Mr & Mrs Jones, April 2010 - Oxfordshire Property Search

We retained Elite to help us look for an apartment close to the City, to use during the working week.  The flat-hunting process (from retainer to completion) took six months, and was periodically frustrating and bewildering, as a result of a particularly irrational vendor and ineffective/aggressive agents.  Andrew was invaluable throughout - calm, good-natured, experienced, collaborative.  He worked very hard, retaining his enthusiasm and drive even when, after five months, the first purchase fell through.  He immediately identified another place which met our requirements, and the purchase exchanged and completed within a fortnight, due in significant part to Andrew's tireless efforts in liaising with agents and lawyers.  A job very well done - thank you.

James  - December 2010 - London Property Search

“Thank you for all your sound advice and support during the acquisition of xxxxx.  You certainly made the whole buying process run extremely smoothly and we felt like valued friends, as opposed to clients.  I am also certain that Mrs L (the seller) is feeling the same.

Once we are installed, we will invite you round for a drink and to sample the peaceful harbour views. 

We are extremely grateful for your assistance and guidance.

With thanks,”

Liam  - 17th Aug 09 - Dorset Waterside Property Search

Thank you. You guys have been sensational: I'm so grateful and hugely impressed. DB – East Sussex - 2011