Max Storey

Max has broad experience in the London and Country property markets, holding an extensive portfolio of privately available property across the City and throughout the South of England.

Max left his role as Commercial Director with a national retail organisation to become one of the four founding directors of Elite. Having been involved in property search for the majority of his career, he’s developed a vast amount of knowledge, experience and professional contacts.

He has a particular interest in Georgian property and has helped Elite develop a national database of Georgian rectories, which has proved very useful for many of our clients. He also relishes the challenge of sourcing “property with potential” for those clients looking to add value.

When it’s time to relax, Max is a big fan of the water (surfing or wakeboarding), and the mountains (skiing or snowboarding).

Coverage: London


Max Storey - Elite Property Search
After all the networking and searching, it comes down to finding somebody the home they want. It is a wonderful moment when you hand over the keys.